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Tanzu Mission Control – Conformance Tests

Tanzu Mission Control – Conformance Tests


No matter what flavor of Kubernetes you’re using, the cluster should have some high level of common functionality with the upstream version. To ensure this is the case Kubernetes conformance tests can validate your clusters. These tests are run by Sonobuoy which is an open source community standard. Tanzu Mission Control can run these tests on your clusters to ensure this conformance. They are a great way to make sure your cluster was installed, configured and operating properly.

Run a Conformance Inspection

To run an inspection, navigate to the inspections menu item. You will click the “NEW INSPECTION” button to start a new test. When the next screen opens, select the cluster in which the tests will run. Then select the type of conformance test. There is the normal version and then the lite version. The normal version will run all of the conformance tests but it will take a number of hours to complete. The other version is the Lite version which runs a single test just to validate it can run something. It would be useful to use the Lite right away to see if it will work, and then run the standard version when you’ve validated it will run. Click the “RUN INSPECTION” button.

Once you click the RUN INSPECTION you’ll see the status of your inspection in the summary screen. This may take several hours so come back to it when you’re ready.

If you’d like to check the conformance tests you can run

to watch the status.

When the tests are done, you can review the status in the summary screen. After this click on the result to get the detailed tests.

The detailed tests will show all the tests, their descriptions and the status of each. Its also nicely summarized for a quick glance.


Tanzu Mission Control can test your Kubernetes cluster for conformance with upstream projects and cluster health through its inspection service. Test clusters that were deployed through TMC or attached. I hope this post describes the process of running a conformance inspection through Tanzu Mission Control.


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