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The Job Support – Linux Mint 20 Beta is Now Available to Download

[ad_1] Minty fresh and ready for testing Roll up your geek sleeves and get stuck in ‘cos the Linux Mint 20 beta is now available to download. Freshly prepared ISOs have been spun up for testing and feedback and are in the process of syncing out to mirrors. The Linux Mint 20 beta build precedes…
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The Job Support – GIMP 2.10.20 Released with Improved Crop Tool, New Blur Filters

[ad_1] A new version of GIMP, the popular open source graphics editing software, is now available to download. GIMP 2.10.20 features all of the usual stuff like bug fixes and performance tweaks but adds a collection of cool new features too. This include non-destructive cropping, several new lens blur filters, improved .psd file support, and…
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The Job Support – The Vivaldi Browser Now Has a Built in, Er, Word Processor?!

[ad_1] Ever wished your web browser had a built-in word-processor? Of course not, but the bods behind Vivaldi have gone and added one anyway. Okay, I’ll admit I’m being a little facetious when I call it a word-processor but it’s not a million miles removed from being one. See, the latest version of the extraordinarily…
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The Job Support – Preorder the PineTab, a $99 Linux Tablet [Update: Sold Out]

[ad_1] A year after it was announced the PineTab Linux tablet is now available to preorder at the (really rather attractive) price of just $99. PineTab Specs Display: 10.1″ IPS Touchscreen (1280×800) CPU: Allwinner A64 (quad-core) 1.2 GHz Graphics: Mali 400 RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 Storage: 64GB eMMC Ports: 1x USB 2.01x micro USB (OTG)microHDMImicroSD (bootable)3.5mm…
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The Job Support – Official Ubuntu Desktop Support for the Raspberry Pi 4 is On the Way

[ad_1] Your dream of being able to run Ubuntu desktop on the Raspberry Pi 4 may be closer to reality than you think. October’s Ubuntu 20.10 release may introduce official support for Ubuntu desktop on the Raspberry Pi, if a recent tease by Ubuntu desktop lead Martin Wimpress on the Ubuntu Podcast bears fruit. The…
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The Job Support – NexDock Touch Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Touchscreen Laptop

[ad_1] Dream of turning your Android phone or Raspberry Pi into a fully-fledged laptop? Well, with the all-new NexDock Touch you can! Like the original NexDock the new model is a 14.1-inch laptop shell, complete with keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen, but no computer inside. Nope, none: The idea is that you connect an Android phone…
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The Job Support – Geary’s Getting a Linux Phone Friendly UI

[ad_1] I’m a big fan of desktop e-mail client Geary it’s in our list of the best Ubuntu apps after all so I’m particularly thrilled to hear that a “mobile version” is in the works. Okay, okay: I say “mobile version” but what I more accurately mean is a mobile “face” for the app. Y’know:…
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The Job Support – Lenovo Will Sell Ubuntu on More ThinkPads, ThinkStations This Summer

[ad_1] Lenovo has announced that all of its ThinkStation desktop PCs and ThinkPad P series laptop will be available to buy with Ubuntu preloaded starting this summer. Lenovo is already well represented within the Linux hardware community having ‘certified’ a swathe of its devices for various different distros over the years. And the company recently…
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The Job Support – Firefox 77 Released with Minor Changes

[ad_1] Firefox’s monthly release cadence is admirable but it does mean (for blog writers like me, if no-one else) that each release isn’t quite as action-packed as we’re accustomed to. Case in point: today’s Firefox 77 release. There’s nothing “wrong” with the update per se, but it iss somewhat light on the ‘notable changes’ front…
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The Job Support – Linux Marketshare Increased Again Last Month (So Did Ubuntu’s)

[ad_1] Upwards trend continues with Ubuntu the key beneficiary Usage of Linux-based desktop operating systems grew again in May 2020, according to stats shared by web analytics firm NetMarketShare. Last month the company reported that Linux marketshare doubled between March to April 2020. New stats shared for May shows that the upward trend continued. Linux…
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The Job Support – Foliate Makes Finding Free eBooks Easier, Adds Support for Comics

[ad_1] Finding free ebooks to read in Foliate, a GTK ebook reader for Linux desktops, just got a whole lot easier. The new Foliate 2.2.0 release comes with several enhancements, one of which is better eBook discovery via OPDS. OPDS is the “feed” protocol used by free ebook services like the Gutenberg Project, Standard Ebooks,…
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The Job Support – Linux 5.7 Released, This is What’s New

[ad_1] Linux 5.7 has arrived, serving as the latest mainline release of the Linux Kernel but what’s changed? Well, in this post we recap the new features and core changes bundled up inside this kernel update. As per tradition Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.7 in an email to the Linux Kernel Mailing…
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The Job Support – The Raspberry Pi 4 is Now Available With 8GB RAM

[ad_1] Here’s a slice of juicy news for single-board computing (SBC) fans amongst you: the Raspberry Pi 4 is now available with 8GB RAM. Yes, 8GB. That’s double the max memory that had, until now, been available. The Raspberry Pi 4 launched just under a year ago and is, to quote our own headline of…
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The Job Support – Android Mirroring App ‘Scrcpy’ Just Added a Bunch of New Features

[ad_1] If you read this blog regularly enough you’ll be familiar with scrcpy, an ace root-free way to mirror your Android smartphone on your Ubuntu desktop and interact with it. Scrcpy is free, it’s open source, it’s awesome. Oh yeah, and it’s updated regularly! Which is what this post is about: telling you what’s new…
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The Job Support – GNOME Devs Make Major Improvements to the Apps Grid

[ad_1] Some interesting things are happening upstream in GNOME Shell that affect the “Applications” screen, app folders, and the associated/underlying code. Since GNOME 3.38 is on house to ship in Ubuntu 20.10 (barring any tradition-flattening calamities Which, given how things are going atm, is a distinct possibility) these are changes which you and I, as…
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The Job Support – First Ubuntu 20.04 Point Release Arrives August 6 (Updated)

[ad_1] Focal readies its first post-release refresh The first Ubuntu 20.04 point release is scheduled for release on August 6, 2020. If you already run Ubuntu 20.04 LTS then this 20.04.1 milestone won’t be of much interest. The updated installation media produced as part of the release bundles together all of the core updates issued…
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The Job Support – Transmission 3.0 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

[ad_1] A new version of open-source torrent client Transmission is available to download. In this post I share details on what’s changed and show you how to install the update on your system using the official Transmission PPA. Transmission 3.0 is the first major major update to this much-loved cross-platform torrent client for over 2 years…
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gogle cloud

Learn Free Google Cloud This Month

Google announced it all course learning free for this month . In this article we help you how can you get all these learning free Blog source from Google Blogs As more and more people transition to remote work and learning in response to COVID-19, many are looking for ways to continue learning and building…
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