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What is DevOps? – In Simple English The Job Support

Making Your Job Easier

What is DevOps? – In Simple English The Job Support

Simple explanation of DevOps without the complications and information overload. — what do you think? Please share & comment!

DevOps is a concept with different interpretations and definitions, but when you get down to it, it’s all about developers and operations teams breaking down silos and working together to innovate faster. For many companies, the ability to innovate at a rapid pace — responding to market conditions and customer feedback — is a key factor for success. Adopting the DevOps philosophy requires a new mindset, new tools and new skills.

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46 Responses

  1. Anshu Anand says:

    Immensely useful for a starter. Thanks for creating this!

  2. akashic seer says:

    next time louder on the audio. I hate whisper vids

  3. Shanu Jha says:

    Thank you so much for this video! Most of the other explanations usually just throw high-level programming jargon. Simple English is the best way to explain it (for most of the audiences, if they are coding, they are coding in english alphabet).

  4. saqib khan says:

    just to save you all some time.. devops in one line = where deployments are automated (irrespective of SDLC methodology)

  5. saqib khan says:

    started promising to answer my curiosity to understand this term but somehow was too high level and I was not able to relate to practical real world examples and also did not understand how the responsibilities will be shared between development and operations teams

  6. SammyT253 says:

    what is that background noise!? I can't describe it other than a metronome ticking/bumping. That is driving me nuts.

  7. Mark Baird says:

    Nice – Check out One simple platform overlay to orchestrate this whole thing!

  8. Vidhi Seth says:

    I loved this video and I'm so happy that you used the example of Anna, small things like this lead to a huge change ❤️ Anna you rock!

  9. Qwufi says:

    How PC but I've never seen a systemAdministratorFemale = True; in my life.

  10. DevOps (engineer, or department) is just hype, a modern slang for someone/some Engineers, who/which can do some coding and some scripting to automate processes, but is essentially it's a System-, Network- and Database Administrator, who assist developers in getting "their coding shit done", is a smaller time frame.

  11. CLOUDBURG says: Watchout this video if you want to make your career in DevOps – It has everything about devops – what all you need to start your career


  13. Arce Guedes says:

    So, a DevOps is what Riot games needs, right?

  14. Tara G says:

    Thank you so much for posting this insightful video on DevOps career. I am a coding beginner, and I am studying BSc Accounting and Finance at age 35. I have returned to University for a career change, and now I am now interested in coding too.

  15. DevOps sounds more like Scrum in agile

  16. Miro Dyer says:

    HAL: I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

  17. Tofu says:

    BOOOORRINNNGGGG. Seriously, who actually likes doing devOps? It doesn't sound the least bit interesting.

  18. michael12991 says:

    Be careful if you have any important source code. These are American companies that allow US government to spy on code and steal them. And don't forget the US is not as good as Russia in cyber space as Russia managed to hack the 2016 elections and US couldn't do anything about it.

  19. It is extremely important for #softwaredevelopment organizations to prioritize and strategize a process to ensure reduced errors and a better outcome. With #DevOps playing a major role in the custom software development process, understand how it will prove beneficial for your project and enhance its overall quality.

  20. Learn what is devops in a simple animated 3D motion graphics Video

  21. In Simple English:
    DevOps is a GOD of IT, which every software professional should worship to…..

  22. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  23. jcllings says:

    The implication here is that you won't have to hire additional persons to serve as the glue between Dev and Opps and this is always the case. QUIT trying to make "Developer" mean "Does what ever we tell em to regardless if it's in his career field or not." QUIT trying to delete the word "Software" from "Software Developer". QUIT trying to make Software Developers into administrators unless they are developing app servers or databases.

  24. DevOps is basically a culture. You can say software engineering culture. Aim or objective of DevOps is unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). DevOps is a broad area and it involves many tools at different stages/phases. There are many tools available to implement DevOps. ~ Carrie Thomas from

  25. Gábor Dani says:

    Agile DevOps is when you have absolutely nothing to add to the topic, but you want to sell some ideology to a sub-optimally functioning corporate environment, since there is nothing you can do that creates value. So, you purchase a short-sleeved shirt with a thick frame eyeglass and you repeat certain buzzwords. This is exactly what Agile DevOps means.

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    Get actionable alerts about your builds, tasks, and pull requests. Read more here

  27. watherby29 says:

    They both want the same thing: money.

  28. Good simple explanation. If it is also mentioned where DevOps practice are applicable VS where Traditional development is applicable. It would be clearer

  29. Here you can read more about the importance of creating DevOps team:

  30. Ming Zhu says:

    Let just call whatever we are doing today DevOps, and keep doing the same. Because first people need jobs and second is senior management only if they can put the words such as Innovation, Agile and DevOps in their slides.

  31. Hades Eye says:

    Anna has male hips. Laaaaaame!

  32. DevOps = Not Idiot Sysadmins.
    And note: Sysadmins != Sysops.
    Sysadmins think, develop, push, maintain and collaborate.
    Syspos Run commands based on internal documentation.

  33. Gamesational says:

    Has anyone played Call of Duty Dev Ops 4 yet?

  34. Thanks for the explanation but still not clear
    And btw some of what mentioned in this content is available here

  35. b3k says:

    Great video, but the drum beat on the music sounds like a hammer and is a bit distracting.

  36. Victor Ukok says:

    and going to tells me that my access is denied…

  37. Victor Ukok says:

    i just went to but returning a 404 error (page not found). Why is this please?

  38. rohit kumar says:

    Great Video , thanks for sharing this information in a form of video with us , Know more about Devops follow Technogeeks

  39. Excellent. Being a non technical person I understood it too well

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