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Free Learn Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Training |Udemy

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Free Learn Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Training |Udemy

Free Learn Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Overview from Redhat

Learn the basics of open source virtualization and migration planning


  • We recommend having basic virtualization knowledge.
  • We recommend having basic system administration skills.

In this this official Red Hat® training course, Miguel Pérez Colino, solution owner for the Red Hat vertical markets and solutions team, will teach students the benefits of open source virtualization, how to better manage your virtualization assets, and the best way to move traditional workloads from one virtualization provider to an open virtualization.

New software, from operating systems to applications, constantly demands more. More data, more processing power, more memory. Virtualization makes a single physical machine act like multiple—saving you the cost of more servers and workstations.

After attending this course, students will have a clear understanding of how to get started with Red Hat Virtualization and infrastructure migration. Short lectures and demonstrations will cover topics including defining infrastructure mappings, creating migration plans to balance workloads, and building migration plans to reduce expenditure on virtualization.


Who this course is for:
  • IT architects, systems engineers, and anyone in IT operations looking to get a high-level overview of Red Hat Virtualization.

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