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The Usefelness of Udemy

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The Usefelness of Udemy


What, I know you’re asking, is a Udemy (pronounced you-duh-mee)? Actually, if you are a relationship marketer (and if you’re an online marketer, you are a relationship marketer), it can be nothing short of a Godsend. To make short of a very long answer, Udemy is an online teaching platform that is open to anyone who wants to teach something that they think others might want to learn. If you have a level of expertise in an area, you can create a few instructional videos, PowerPoint presentations; PDF’s or even audio files and upload them. Poof, you now have a sellable course!

Online learning is a hot market, and luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg and Harvard professor Robert Allison have jumped on the Udemy bandwagon, offering courses (Zuckerberg’s is even FREE). The reason is simple; the people that run Udemy actively promote courses for their “professors” on venues such as Facebook, even offering promotions and discounts to bolster flagging sales. There is even a built-in affiliate program, offering 50% commissions for those who promote courses taught on the Udemy framework; a caveat is that this option is not available immediately for all courses, and the teacher has to apply for his course to become part of the affiliate network.

What this means for internet marketers is the ability to sell their own products without having the expense of web hosting and maintenance, site design and the other ancillary costs affiliated with online product sales. Simply fill out your profile, design your course, upload your material, apply to sell, set your price, and you’re done! It really is a simple interface, and they kindly offer a free video course to teach you how to properly use it. If your sales are flagging, they’ll even email you with advice on proven ways to make your promotions more effective.

The beautiful part of Udemy is its social branding component. Each course listing contains the name and picture of its instructor, and when a potential student clicks for more information, the instructor’s profile is listed along with the course description. Students can recommend favored courses to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and both students and professors can be followed from within the course’s home page, creating the possibilities of cross sales coming from students who have friended students in other courses. One of Udemy’s claims is that they make their top instructor’s famous, and they aim to deliver.

So, if you have a bunch of related PLR videos and eBooks lying around, reconstitute them (re-record the videos in your own voice, give the eBooks new covers), add a little something extra (mindmaps, audios, etc.), and get to building a course. Give a couple away for free to build a following, and you’ll soon Udemy your way to the bank.


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