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The Job Support – Firefox 77 Released with Minor Changes

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The Job Support – Firefox 77 Released with Minor Changes


Firefox’s monthly release cadence is admirable but it does mean (for blog writers like me, if no-one else) that each release isn’t quite as action-packed as we’re accustomed to.

Case in point: today’s Firefox 77 release. There’s nothing “wrong” with the update per se, but it iss somewhat light on the ‘notable changes’ front hence the headline advising you not to get too excited.

Now, if you really love Firefox’s integration with the read-it-later service Pocket (which Mozilla bought a few years back) and you happen to browse the web from the UK you can, finally, at long last “enjoy” the ‘best stories on the web’ each and every time you open a new tab.

What a gift, thanks Mozilla! 😉

Firefox 77 also makes it “easier” to view and manage web certificates via a new about:certificate page which is, er, useful to, er, know is there, I guess?

Plus we get the usual assortment of security fixes (those genuinely appreciated), performance tweaks (webrender for more Windows users, yay for them), and a slate of below-the-hood developer touches (read more on those)

Getting Mozilla Firefox 77

Mozilla Firefox 77 is free, open source software available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux direct from the browser’s official website. If you use the browser on Windows or macOS you’ll get the update the next time you open it.

If you use Ubuntu or an Ubuntu-based Linux distro like Linux Mint, Zorin OS or elementary OS then you will receive Firefox 77 as a regular software update in the next few days.

You can also install Firefox on Linux via Flathub, the Flatpak App Store:

Mozilla Firefox on Flathub


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