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Making Your Job Easier

The Job Support – GIMP 2.10.20 Released with Improved Crop Tool, New Blur Filters

[ad_1] A new version of GIMP, the popular open source graphics editing software, is now available to download. GIMP 2.10.20 features all of the usual stuff like bug fixes and performance tweaks but adds a collection of cool new features too. This include non-destructive cropping, several new lens blur filters, improved .psd file support, and…
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The Job Support – The Vivaldi Browser Now Has a Built in, Er, Word Processor?!

[ad_1] Ever wished your web browser had a built-in word-processor? Of course not, but the bods behind Vivaldi have gone and added one anyway. Okay, I’ll admit I’m being a little facetious when I call it a word-processor but it’s not a million miles removed from being one. See, the latest version of the extraordinarily…
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The Job Support – Firefox 77 Released with Minor Changes

[ad_1] Firefox’s monthly release cadence is admirable but it does mean (for blog writers like me, if no-one else) that each release isn’t quite as action-packed as we’re accustomed to. Case in point: today’s Firefox 77 release. There’s nothing “wrong” with the update per se, but it iss somewhat light on the ‘notable changes’ front…
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The Job Support – Foliate Makes Finding Free eBooks Easier, Adds Support for Comics

[ad_1] Finding free ebooks to read in Foliate, a GTK ebook reader for Linux desktops, just got a whole lot easier. The new Foliate 2.2.0 release comes with several enhancements, one of which is better eBook discovery via OPDS. OPDS is the “feed” protocol used by free ebook services like the Gutenberg Project, Standard Ebooks,…
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The Job Support – Transmission 3.0 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

[ad_1] A new version of open-source torrent client Transmission is available to download. In this post I share details on what’s changed and show you how to install the update on your system using the official Transmission PPA. Transmission 3.0 is the first major major update to this much-loved cross-platform torrent client for over 2 years…
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