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Making Your Job Easier

The Job Support – NexDock Touch Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Touchscreen Laptop

[ad_1] Dream of turning your Android phone or Raspberry Pi into a fully-fledged laptop? Well, with the all-new NexDock Touch you can! Like the original NexDock the new model is a 14.1-inch laptop shell, complete with keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen, but no computer inside. Nope, none: The idea is that you connect an Android phone…
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The Job Support – Android Mirroring App ‘Scrcpy’ Just Added a Bunch of New Features

[ad_1] If you read this blog regularly enough you’ll be familiar with scrcpy, an ace root-free way to mirror your Android smartphone on your Ubuntu desktop and interact with it. Scrcpy is free, it’s open source, it’s awesome. Oh yeah, and it’s updated regularly! Which is what this post is about: telling you what’s new…
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